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Once Upon a Time - Part I

A long, long time ago there was a girl named Trixie. Trixie thought she was well experienced when it came to life. She had resigned to the fact that she had just become to cold and jaded in the ways of romantic love. She was ok with that.

One evening Trixie was drawing vodka from a top shelf. As she was nursing her beverage, she heard a faint call across the room. She put her drink down and looked in every direction, but could not find where this siren's call was coming from. Trixie decided to inspect the area, and oh my.. there was a man. He called out to her with a voice as smooth as a good scotch. She was shocked, as she thought sirens were only female. He beckoned for her to sit next to him. A cocky half smile, half boyish grin..and Trixie was starting to fall under the spell. His eyes were like two azure blue pools. Trixie decided that she would finish her drink and go home. She had heard of tales like this before, and this was not for her. As she went to leave, he asked if could send her a message. With a slight roll of her eyes, she told him a way she could be summoned.

A few days later and Trixie heard from this rogue a few times. He was always beckoning in the sweetest way. Maybe she misjudged this man? He took her out and crooned sweet ballads to her in public. He literally twirled her around and swept her off her feet.

As weeks went on, Trixie and this rogue we shall call Ignatio seemed to swirl and spiral more and more into each other. She realized she was starting to forget where she began and he ended. They decided to go on a journey together. Even with a broken carriage wheel, they were blissful. On the journey back, a fortune teller told them that "An unexpected relationship would become permanent." They knew the fortune was true.

They decided they should go and explore more far away lands together, islands even. Trixie's celebration of birth was about to start, and Ignatio decided that he wanted to take her to these fabled islands, as they were full of adventure! Once they arrived at the first island by boat, he took her around to marvel at all the sights! There were hills and drops, one adventure after another. She plucked an oyster from the water and opened it. Inside sat a beautiful pearl. Ignatio decided to have it made into a ring. A present and a reminder of this journey.

That evening they went a place for dinner, where the food was cotton candy colored and light as air. The water in the ponds seemed to flow over into infinity. The night was blissful.

Coming up next - Ignatio throws the ring into the dark, unknown in a fit of rage.. and that was the first crack in the shimmering crystal.