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I <3 or am really sad about everything in my life right now. I am just going to keep looking at the positive.

Mirror effect..

I am happier -> being around me makes Tom happier than when I was paranoid/wary?

It explains cliches..

Important has been redefined in some ways..

he called me beautiful :)

I don't think I have heard him use that word to describe many things.

I've heard pretty.. I remember specific moments.. When we were @Jellyrolls, when I have walked out of the house

He is my awesome man, who still has little boy giddiness.

I have gained almost 15 lbs since getting back together.. happier.. but quitting smoking. :/

I am glad to quit smoking, but I hate the weight.. I am happy though.

Isn't happy a choice?

Are you a lyrics person or a music person when it comes to a song.. You can have both.. music being tangible? lyrics being who you are.. the spirit..

What makes comedians funny is pop ref.. == everyone has the same lore and language .. commonality makes people more likable sometimes